Subsea Asset Integrity Management

Products and services that maximise the operational life of controls and electrical distribution equipment, and assist our clients in maximising their return on assets

Viper Innovations provides a range of control system products and services directly to Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We have a number of ongoing and long-term contracts providing subsea controls asset integrity services in the UKCS and are currently responsible for providing support direct to operators for nine North Sea assets. This support includes providing consultancy advice, integrity maps and full condition assessment reports for the assets. Action Trackers are developed and maintained and reviewed on a regular basis at meetings with the client and their control system OEM.  Specific packages of work in support of system integrity are delivered as and when required, and have included obsolescence strategies, inspection surveys, planned maintenance routines etc. The support also extends to the preparation of intervention procedures for fault finding in subsea electrical distribution systems and the offshore mobilisation of engineers to manage/oversee the implementation of those procedures.