Viper Innovations specialise in the provision of optimised technical and commercial solutions for the supply of subsea controls distribution equipment. This includes thermoplastic and steel tube flying leads, umbilical termination assemblies, distribution units, stab plates and both electrical and optical connector systems.


Subsea distribution systems are critical to the function of a subsea field and can constitute a significant component of the overall subsea controls package tender value. Optimising the design and procurement of the system and its components can make many millions of dollars difference in the cost and reduce delivery schedules by weeks and ultimately could be the difference between winning and losing projects. A distribution system consists of a range of complex and high value sub-assemblies, utilising many specialist sub-contractors who have tried and tested products, inevitably resulting in a great many interfaces and sub-contracts that require close management. Add to that the requirement to flow down complex and lengthy client specifications for materials, inspection and testing, design standards, quality and HSE, and more, and the task of delivering these systems to a schedule that will not delay tree deliveries or installation becomes very challenging and of major importance.  


Viper Innovations has project, engineering and procurement teams specialised solely on the provision of subsea distribution solutions. From the delivery of individual items such as hydraulic flying leads right up to complete distribution system packages Viper has the knowledge, experience and systems in place to ensure that your equipment is delivered on time, to the required quality and with the required functionality. Experienced projects and systems engineers ensure that the functional requirements are met, with support from a full suite of analyses packages combined with a wealth of project experience. Allied to the engineering function, Viper Innovations has an established supply chain in place which is capable of producing equipment to the standard required for subsea service. Viper's project, procurement and quality teams ensure that relevant project and client specifications are flowed down in a format that is appropriate to the supplier and monitor the work appropriately to ensure progress is maintained and any problems that occur are dealt with in a timely manner.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces overhead associated with distribution equipment supply
  • A single purchase order can cover a complete distribution system
  • Systems benefit from embedding Viper proprietary technology, including V-IR, V-LOCK
  • Experienced project team, focused on distribution equipment, ensures best practice and lessons learned are applied to all projects

Key facts

  • Dedicated and experienced design and project execution team
  • Proven and efficient processes
  • Best in class subcontractors for high quality manufacture
  • Site Integration Testing
  • Offshore Commissioning
  • Designs and execution complies with ISO and API standards and client ‘overlays’