V-LIFE is a preventative and active 'healing' solution of low insulation resistance caused by water ingress.


The most common cause of subsea electrical failures is the ingress of water into the cable insulation, which decreases the IR and may produce short circuits or leakage to earth. These faults often lead to loss of power and/or communications to subsea equipment and have the potential to halt production from subsea wells. Historically, subsea fault-finding interventions and the replacement of cables, equipment or even umbilicals have been the only solution to this problem.


  • Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2016
  • Winner of the Technology Innovation of the Year category at the National Private Business Awards 2014
  • Winner of the Subsea UK 2014 Innovation Award.


V-LIFE operates as both a preventative measure and active ‘healer’ of insulation. The topside installed V-LIFE enabled V-LIM deploys an electro-kinetic and electrochemical process which minimises and mitigates the effect of water ingress into the insulation and increases the IR of the system. No subsea intervention is required.

Additional support is provided as part of the V-LIFE service in the form of condition reports, trend analysis and recommendations.

V-LIFE is currently implemented on control systems supplied by six different OEMs. Widely used by 20 operators globally, V-LIFE is the leading alternative to subsea interventions.

Key Benefits

  • Increases IR without subsea intervention
  • Recovers multiple IR failures throughout the system
  • Extends the life of failing umbilicals and electrical distribution equipment
  • ‘Buys time’ whilst a new umbilical is procured
  • Used as an alternative to installing new, costly and long-lead time umbilicals
  • Used to delay early field abandonment
  • V-LIFE “finds” the points of water ingress, no diagnostics required.


Key facts

  • Installed by 20 operators globally
  • V-LIFE increases the insulation resistance of the umbilical and subsea electrical distribution system
  • The V-LIFE continuously monitors the line and provides data on its operation and its condition
  • Can be proactively fitted by installing the V-LIM, line insulation monitoring device and V-LIFE activated when required
  • Operational since July 2012, the deployments have shown significant improvement in insulation resistance after just a few months use and have been stable since
  • A scientific breakthrough