V-SUPPLY provides a stable and reliable source of electrical power to subsea equipment and incorporates state-of-the-art monitoring technology.


The development of the V-SUPPLY has been driven by a growing obsolescence issue that is being faced by a number of operators and the need for more advanced condition monitoring of the electrical systems. Not only does V-SUPPLY provide the latest control  and monitoring technology, it will deliver improved safety performance and cost savings for operators as it provides remote umbilical testing without the need for technicians to be mobilised offshore. The remote testing capability is a novel technology proprietary to Viper Innovations.


V-SUPPLY incorporates the V-LIM, Line Integrity Monitoring functionality, and also the proprietary Insulation Resistance recovery technique of V-LIFE, which can be easily activated through the use of a software licence. V-SUPPLY also incorporates Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) for continuous integrity monitoring of electrical conductors. SSTDR is especially targeted at integrity monitoring of copper conductors in dynamic umbilicals where the risk of faults is at its highest. V-SUPPLY is designed to be compatible with both brownfield installations and new greenfield developments and offers a touch screen display as a user interface. Optional electrical supply conditioning provides precise voltage control and variable frequency of output supply. With administrator rights, the onshore engineer can remotely change the subsea supplies and monitor parameters such as transient faults and harmonic distortion.


  • Integrations into new topside installations
  • Brownfield retrofit / upgrades
  • Low Insulation Resistance (IR) umbilical systems
    • Improved measurement
    • IR recovery with V-LIFE

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable based on a standard product - ideal for standardisation across assets and for use as a spare for multiple assets
  • Allows remote testing of the subsea umbilical - no offshore technician and equipment mobilisations
  • Improved local and remote reporting for the subsea engineer, technician and maintenance engineer
  • Incorporates V-LIFE technology, which can be enabled through a software licence - no hardware to install
  • Incorporates V-IR technology, allowing for upgrade of the subsea system to include V-SLIMs for distributed fault finding
  • Improved Insulation Resistance trending from 1kOhm to 1GOhm
  • Better reporting and data logging of electrical events with network enabled access for data recovery and control
  • User friendly interface for easy operation

Key facts

  • Remote testing of the subsea umbilical condition - no technicians mobilised offshore
  • Advanced Condition Monitoring using V-LIM and SSTDR Technologies
  • Remote Access and Control (Ethernet or RS485 Modbus)
  • Highly configurable - ideal for standardisation across assets
  • V-LIFE Ready for low IR Remediation
  • V-IR Ready for subsea fault location