This mechanical locking device can be installed on the JIC fittings in the workshop or on the back of a vessel. A subsea installable version allows divers to retro-fit to already installed systems. A range of sizes ensures that there is a V-SECURE product to suit most JIC coupling sizes.


JIC connectors are renowned for developing leaks due to the residual torsion in the jumper hose or the ‘kick’ when a hose is subject to pressure pulses (for example, in choke control lines) causing the female swivel nut to slacken off.


The V-SECURE provides a robust mechanical clamping solution which prevents the JIC fitting from slackening-off once installed.

Key facts

  • Suitable for subsea and surface applications
  • Assembly consists of only three parts
  • Suitable for JIC -4, -6, -8, & - 12 fittings. May be applied to other hex sizes and fitting types – please ask about your application
  • Installed after the fitting is correctly torque tightened – tightening the V-SECURE does not slacken the fitting
  • Electrically bonded for subsea applications
  • Manufactured from 316 s/s, other materials on request